We are looking for State Directors. Who will run the USAGHOF in their State and find new HOF members. You will be responsible for going to local courses and finding at least 6 new members a year for your State. 10 Maximum.

Two adult male

Two adult female

Two Senior male

Two Senior female

One junior golfer, if they have exceptional credentials.

You will be allowed to attend the Offical USAGHOF Banquet , play in the tournament and go to the award ceremony for free. You will be honored as the Official State Director of the USAGHOF in your State.  No pay right now, as we are a NON PROFIT. But we expect we will give you lots of memorabilia, gifts, an award and lots of fun and recognition.

Email drtedg@gmail.com to discuss the opportunity about being the State Director for the USAGHOF in your State.