U.S. Amateur Golf Hall of Fame
Nomination Process: 

Please note. The point system below is to be used for "reference" only and not to be considered the Only or Final requirements for being inducted in the HOF. We use this point system to show you some of the requirements that we feel would allow a golfer to be inducted into the HOF. This list will change and the requirements will change s the HOF grows and our HOF matures. Our Board of Directors are the final determining factor in who gets into the US Amateur Hall of Fame. The NFL (National Football League), the NBA (National Basketball Association), the MLB (Major League Baseball), etc. And most of the major Hall of Fames around the World Do Not have a written list of requirements for induction in their HOF.  They nonomies are voted on by Sports Writers and the HOF Board of Directors. We will have the same system in our HOF. The list below is just for information purposes to get you to think of and nominate potential HOF members.

  Cumulative 50 points earned as follows:  All points apply to Men, Women, Boys, Girls, Seniors

25 points National Amateur Championships, PGA Wins as amateur

10 points State Amateur Championships, Champions Tour Wins

10 points City Amateur Championships, Winning a National Collegiate Championship.

5 points Club Championship Wins (Jr, adult and senior), for Coaching and winning a National Collegiate Championship. Being a member of a National Collegiate Championship Team

 5 points Golf Patents, Course Development, Course Design, Significant non golf scoring related achievements

 3 points Individual Tournament Wins, Coaching a State Championship team (high school or College), or being a team member.

 3 points Hole in One, Club scoring record,  for each 2 years of conducting a charity tournament

 3 points  each 5 years of Coaching a golf team (high school, Jr. High, College, Individual competitive Club Team)

 3 points for each 10 years of being an active golfer

 Lifetime Achievement category


In addition, the USAGHOF looks to induct high school, college, city, state and regional champions. Lastly, inventors, business persons, journalists and politicians that have helped further the game of golf are eligible.


You can fax, email, or direct mail form to :

US Amateur Golf Hall of Fame

9109 Cochran Heights

Dallas, TX 75220

214 351 2234 fax

email  drted@usamateurgolfhalloffame.com